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Jai A. Darden started New Day Success Strategies in 2006 with the goal of helping sales professionals and managers reach their potential in their careers. The company branched out into other areas over the years, but one thing has always been consistent - to provide a platform that strengthens sales teams and develops the managers who lead them.

Today, New Day Success Strategies is a professional coaching and consulting firm that specializes in the following areas:  

✅Branch Management / Leadership Coaching ✅Professional Sales Training ✅Company / Sales Culture Development ✅Customer / Member Experience Analysis ✅Business Performance & Growth  

Our niche focus is helping customer and member facing sales professionals increase sales while building lifelong relationships with their customers or members. By doing so, credit unions and community banks thrive with increased sales and revenues while delivering life changing products and services.  

You can learn more about our flagship coaching prgrams for credit unions and community banks by clicking here

* Although our leadership and sales training is focused on community bank and credit union personnel, our systems and processes transfer to other industries.

Check out the free Web Master Class that our CEO produced. It is entitled, "How to Increase Frontline Sales, Overall Revenue, and Deepen Member or Customer Relationships Without Being Salesy, Pushy, or Non-Compliant". It is powerful and full of relevant information.

Click HERE to go to the workshop.

Meet Jai A. Darden

Hello! I am grateful you are here!!!

I am the Founder and CEO of New Day Success Strategies. I have been coaching sales teams for over 20 years, and specifically bank and credit union sales teams and those who manage them for over 13 years. 

I have developed a step by step sales system that focuses on building rapport with the customer or member, deepening that relationship, creating a customer / member for life, while growing the business. 

I have personally used this exact system in the low to moderate income (LMI) markets as well as the more affluent markets, producing year- over-year double digit and even triple digit sales growth. You can learn more about me and my journey here.

Not only did it work for me, but I have taught others how to do the same with success.

Please check out the Master Class I did. It is filled with business changing nuggets. Then schedule some time to speak with us. It will be well worth your time. 

Thanks again, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Meet Katrina Ferguson

Hi! I am Katrina, the Chief Training Officer for New Day Success Strategies. I lead our team of sales and leadership coaches / trainers and personally deliver the executive level training to our clients for the company.

I am a certified coach and accomplished sales and training executive with 15+ years experience in direct sales, health, legal insurance and financial planning. I have recruited, trained and mentored sales professionals, providing constructive feedback, reinforcing skills, building confidence and self-esteem.

I am excited to to work with our clients at NDSS because our systems provide real transformation. Jai has designed a suite of programs that produce proven results.

There are many things I love about what we do, but my favorite would have to be the Discovery calls. These calls are scheduled by potential clients who want more clarity on ways they can produce a better sales culture and sales professionals. They also want to know if we can help them accomplish these goals.

Well......can we? I believe we can. We have, and we do.

You owe to yourself to attend the Master Class Jai conducts. It is loaded with ways to strengthen your sales team. It is an amazing training, and there is no charge for it.

Sign up for the Master Class, then schedule a call to speak with us. I look forward to meeting you.

Talk soon!


Our Process

New Day Success Strategies works a little different than most sales and leadership training companies. You don't start by buying a program and then we throw basic content at you.  

We begin with a free initial analysis and consultation to determine where your financial institution is today. From there, we'll present a clear path to success that is customized to you and your needs. These plans include both digital applications and human services, as well as projected KPIs and results.  

We'll then work with you to determine the most beneficial move forward for your budget, timeline, and goals. Then, we assemble your team and start implementing. Simple and direct.

What We Believe. . .

  • Excellence is not just about activity and skill, but it is an attitude. Each one of our clients is different, with real world concerns.  
  • We approach each challenge as an opportunity to help strengthen the client organization. 
  • We do this by concentrating on the basic building blocks and fundamentals for creating and sustaining strong businesses. 
  • We look to develop a long-term relationship with our clients. We want to be your trusted partner and advisor. 
  • We take what we do seriously. We provide the same type of service, experience, and attention as if you were a part of our own family. 

Please give New Day Success Strategies the opportunity to help grow your business. We specialize in Business Transformation. 

After we are complete with our assignment, it will be a "New Day" for your financial institution!  

Let's work together

Our team is excited to begin the process of helping your frontline teams become better sales professionals who deliver World-Class experiences to your members, clients, and customers. Get a free Discovery call to chat with an expert, inspire ideas, and learn how our process works. 

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